A price cut, and a non-price cut

11 round hill.jpg

11 Round Hill Club Road, now down to $11.950 million. I've been following this spec project since 2015, when it was newly built and priced at $17.950. Probably still has a ways to go.

4 Lauder Way.jpg

No price cut at 4 Lauder Way, however, still firmly fixed at the same $12 million it was priced at in March, 2016. Mr. Ogilvy had his listing renewed today, and loyalty is a wonderful thing. It's a grand old mansion, built in 1937 and well maintained over the ensuing 81 years, and Lauder Way is close to town, so that's all to the good.

So far, buyers in this price range have resisted its charms, however, and I guess it's a battle between the sellers' determination to get their price, and buyers who are equally determined to get fair value. We'll see who wins out.