Still with us

Still with us

Back in January, 2017, I wrote this about 340 Old Church Road

Bolder Action is Called For

The owners of 340 Old Church Road have had it on the market since last August, priced at $3.795 million, without success. Today they dropped its price to $3.675. In my many years representing home buyers, I don't remember any who balked at offering $100 grand less than asking price, and in fact, they almost always operate on the belief that an asking price is, as the British say, "an invitation to bid". 
So if (acceptable) bids aren't coming in, it's a good bet that the price is so far above what the market sees as its true value that a more significant cut is called for.

Not that they listened, but after a series of small price cuts, it's down to $2.975 as of today.