The Hitler meme


Mccain is/was Hitler, according to the Left. But then, have they ever not compared a Republic as Hitler?

Instapunit reminds of the answer: No.

MAY 13, 2018
HEY, REMEMBER IN 2008, WHEN MCCAIN WAS HITLER?  Madonna Compares John McCain To Hitler At Tour Opener.
And from DailyKos: “What are the differences between McCain, Stalin, and Hitler? Well, there are none when comparing these three men except for the fact that history has already been written about Hitler and Stalin.” *
Just a reminder for the have-you-no-decency crowd. Remember, every Republican president, or presidential candidate, is Hitler, but then later gets transformed into a revered elder statesman for purposes of unfavorable comparisons to whoever the newest GOP Hitler is.

* Here's the rest of the quote from that Daily Kos link:

The number of the Beast, 666, is a concept from the book of revelation that briefly identifies the anti-christ, and what it will do to mankind. The first 6 was Stalin, he killed millions of people in Russia. He also has 6 letters in his last name. The second 6 was Hitler, and everyone knows what he did with the Jews. He also has 6 letters in his last name. The last 6, is running for president of the United States. He has the intention of sparking World War III. He also has 6 letters in his last name. What do these men have in common? They all served in the military at some point, and their ego made them feel superior to everyone else.  The Bible has forewarned us about the danger of the number 666, and McCain is a risk that we cannot take.
And of course

And of course