Closed chapter

close road.jpg

44 Close Road, a foreclosure property that was never occupied since it was built back in 2002 has sold for $3,849,880 million. Custom built for Tommy Hilfiger, he changed his plans (and his wife) and sold it to Steven Braverman in 2005 for $9.5 million. Braverman, in turn, tried for $13.995 in 2007, before finally losing it to Mellon Bank. 

The bank listed this for $4.770 back in February and I lost a client, and a friend, when I lost my temper with him for demanding that I submit a bid of $3 million (I did submit the bid — as his agent, I was required to, but we parted ways thereafter). My bad: $3 million wasn't going to do it, especially when the listing was just two-days old, but some patience on my part might have pulled this deal off. Again, my error.