Thinking of going to Greenwich Hospital? Run for your life

abandon all hope, ye who enter here

abandon all hope, ye who enter here

Greenwich Time has republished a several-months-old report that grades hospitals,  but the fact remains: if you care about your own health, or that of a loved one, stay far, far away from our local institution.

Our hospital rates a "C" grade: Norwich, Ct's is one of the few that rates an "A". The significant difference, I suspect, is that Norwich lacks a head who's paid over $2 million a year, no player piano in the lobby, and doesn't serve Starbuck's coffee to its patients.

My own experience with our local slaughter house has not been positive: the doctors there removed a perfectly healthy appendix from Pal Nancy when, in fact, she had a blood infection. My mother was in there for three weeks, slowly dying, and while she was declining I was being lectured by her treating physician that old age was "like an unraveling sweater: one strand goes, then it all unravels". Younger brother Anthony took it upon himself to record all 15 drugs they had her on and Googled them: turns out, five of them were explicitly not to be combined with the other ten. At his  insistence, those five were discontinued, she recovered, left the hospital three days later, and enjoyed ten more years of life.

Overpaid, overcharging buffoons.