Joan Warburg's estate on John Street is reported as pending

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216 John Street, last asking price, $9.5 million. That's for 43 acres, which encompasses eight building lots, and a 1735 house.

Mrs. Warburg was a contemporary and close friend of my mother's (and one of our town's wealthiest citizens) , and though  I rarely met her, my mother thought the world of her. Warburg was a very generous philanthropist, both here in Greenwich and worldwide. 

One amusing note: my mother, dining with her, noticed she was wearing a very nice garment and completed her: "Oh, Greenwich Hospital Thrift Shop, of course". A down to earth woman.

(My pal Sally Maloney found the buyer - she's good at that)

Of note, perhaps, is that a four-acre building lot in this area of town is now marked down to about a million dollars.