News burnout

2 Ledge Road

2 Ledge Road

It's become tiresome to follow the news these days. A story about students and teachers required to wear slippers in school to "eliminate the hierarchy" is both beyond parody and yet so typical of what's going on in our society as to sink beneath mentioning. Or the budding movement among "woke" make feminists, both here and in Scandinavia, to forbid little boys to pee standing up: apparently it's a symbol of male toxicity, or something.

Or yesterday's news that a staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee has been leaking secrets to journalists for the past 30 years. Yes, there's a deep state, despite denials by "true" Republican conservatives, and all Democrats, but who ever doubted it? 

Today's news is yesterday's news, and I'm sick of it. Is let's focus on local real estate for the nonce, even though there's nothing much new there, either.

2 Ledge Road. Old Greenwich, a spec house on the market since 2016, for instance, dropped its price from $5.495 million to $4.295 and has finally found a buyer. Anyone who thinks that hiring a poor architect saves money should consider this case study.