Our Village Idiot and state representative Freddie Camillio should stick with what he knows about: argyle sweaters and doggies

Freddie’s in the kennel, you’ll know him by his hat

Freddie’s in the kennel, you’ll know him by his hat

He’s co-sponsoring a bill to prevent poor people from earning a living trimming fingernails.

The lawmakers have filed a bill to amend state law to require estheticians, eyelash technicians and nail technicians to meet minimum education requirements and get a license. The proposed law would also say any business offering nail or esthetic services must be managed by a licensed nail technician or esthetician.

Licensure of nail technicians and estheticians would be overseen by the state Department of Public Health. The department already licenses and regulates barbers, cosmetologists, tattoo artists, massage therapists, perfumists, dieticians, dentists, doctors, nurses and other professions.

Since 2002, about a dozen bills on regulating nail salons or nail technicians have been filed, but most did not receive a public hearing.

This year, a Republican co-sponsor could signal the measure will get bipartisan support.

Camillo said he does not favor “big government,” but after speaking to a Greenwich esthetician, he worried that not licensing these professionals was a “public health and public safety issue.” He will be prepared to rebut those who call it an “anti-business bill,” he said.

Camillo said he thought proposal could bring in money for the state.

These licensing laws are under attack by both libertarians and advocates for the poor, because they prevent otherwise-uneducated po’ folk from earning a living. Hair braiders, for instance, are required in some states to undergo 300 hours of training before they’re allowed to open shop. Other “professions” demand even more. Someone with no resources is expected to come up with the cash to pay for two-four months of “education” before even qualifying to apply for, and pay for, a state license, and then be required to operate as a paid worker under the control of an “esthetician”? And what the hell irreparable damage could a “perfumer” or a makeup beautician, or an eyelash trimmer cause that demands Fred Camillo’s intervention?

These licensing laws are designed and promoted by existing businesses to thwart competition (did you know that you need a license to engage in interior decorating?), not to protect the public, and even a low IQ Republican should recognize that, and refrain from joining his Democrat peers in quashing the few opportunities available to minorities?

Related comment. if you want to know what’s wrong with the Republican party, look to whom we nominate as candidates right here in Greenwich:Camillo, and Livvy Floren: it’s the same problem across the country.