Nathaniel Witherell's medical director loses his license to prescribe opioids

new state-mandated poster at nathaniel witherell’s entrance

new state-mandated poster at nathaniel witherell’s entrance

Francis X. Walsh caught dishing out pain killers like candy to his private patients

Some years ago a friend from the Back Country told me there was a doctor in town who had a thriving practice supplying opioids to her peers. She wouldn’t tell me his name, so I don’t know whether this is the same guy, and he may very well not be; Greenwich residents have long enjoyed the services of a number of physicians who thrived by selling various mood-enhancing drugs to their patients. Back in the 60s, one particular doctor specialized in dosing females, whose stay-at-home lifestyle enabled them to visit during his daytime office hours. I do know the name of that doctor, but he departed from this earth long ago, so why sully his name now?

And besides, it’s not just MDs who pad their income in unconventional ways; dentists do it too, as this bit of doggerel reminds us:

There once was a dentist named Stone 
Who saw all his patients alone. 
In a fit of depravity 
He filled the wrong cavity, 
And my, how his practice has grown!