Price cut on Taconic


282 Taconic, way up by Upper Cross Road, has dropped to $3.150 million. Owners paid $3.275 for it in 2004 and made enough improvements that they felt justified asking $3.895 when this saga began in 2015. Their optimism has proved unfounded.

This is one weird house, set on a long, narrow lot, much of it wetlands, and the outrageously out of scale pillars holding up an unnecessary appendage in front are, to my eye, simply absurd. That said, a friend of mine bought this back when it was new in 1995, and I’ll admit that it offers some great space for entertaining: easy flow, with plenty of room to accommodate guests.

My friend sold the place because, he said, round trips to Riverside, where he still had family ties, were 45-minute excursions, and he grew tired of them; playdates, forgotten teddy bears, it all grew old.

Personally, if I were looking for a place to throw parties, I’d rent a catering hall closer to town.

a cow skin on the floor means a stager at the door

a cow skin on the floor means a stager at the door