Amazon calls it quits

(I had an entire post on this subject and it failed to “save”. Sheesh. I really don’t want to recreate the entire post, so here’s a brief summary of my thoughts:

State subsidies to businesses bad, but Amazon’s promise of 25,000 new jobs over ten years might have been worth it, especially because they promised to work with local community colleges to train, and hire graduates from this school, thus offering them skilled tech and white collar careers. Better than being hamburger helpers.

Polls showed that Black and Hispanic residents of Queens approved the project, white Manhattanites disapproved. A victory for OCA’s campaign contributors, if not her constituents.

Amazon was crazy to consider immersing itself into NYC’s swamp of corrupt politicians, unions and “community organizers”, all demanding a piece of the action, and its shareholders are lucky that it realized that.

The war goes on. Just as this same crowd blocked Walmart from opening stores in the Bronx and Queens, thereby condemning the city’s poor residents to shop exclusively at high-priced bodegas and small retailers (at lest one study has shown that families have saved $3-4,000 per year because of Walmart), they are now turning their anti-capitalist, pro-socialist fury on driving Amazon out of the city entirely.

Screw ‘em: the people are getting what they voted for.