I hope, for Greenwich's sake, that's there's still a market for homes like this

359 North.jpg

359 North Street is new to the market today, priced at $7.495 million. Built in 1903, it was, I think, one of the twin homes built for the daughters of the man who built his own house up the road, on the corner of Dingletown and North, but I’m sure more knowledgeable readers will correct me if I’m wrong.

I think its price is high, even though it includes a separate building lot in its 2.5 acres — the beautiful yard, so close to town, only adds to its attractiveness, and who would want to destroy that? — but sheesh, this is such a special house, compared to a modern spec house. Or it is to me, but I’m older than our current buyers’ pool. The seller is a hugely-successful CEO, retired now, but he’s a nonagenarian; while I’m about midway between his age and that of many of those who are our buyers now, my tastes run with the owner’s generation, and tastes have changed radically.