Greenwich's own has a novel idea: raise taxes, especially on Greenwich

What could go wrong? These geese aren’t leaving.

What could go wrong? These geese aren’t leaving.

Municipalities will now be saddled with 25% of teachers’ pension costs, sales tax expanded to anything that walks, talks or streams.

It takes a bit of effort (not much) to wade through Lamont’s verbiage, but here are some of his new income sources:

Goods and services will be taxed equally: Equal tax treatment levels the playing field and discourages the purchase of certain items in lieu of others. For example, it doesn’t make sense to apply the full sales tax to the purchase of a movie on a disc, but not the electronic downloading or streaming of the same film. Nor does it make sense to tax the materials you need to repair or renovate a home, but not on the architect, engineer, or contractor who do the work.

So sales tax on building services, and tax on your Netflix.

Governor Lamont is proposing a municipal cost-sharing plan under which each municipality or local board of education will be responsible for at least one-quarter (25 percent) of the normal pension cost paid on its behalf by the state. Those municipalities who have teacher salaries above the statewide median will be asked to pay a share equal to each percentage point they are above the median. To avoid further burdening struggling towns and cities, all distressed municipalities will contribute five percent of their associated normal cost.

Greenwich and a few other towns will pay 25% of their teachers’ pension costs, the rest of the state gets a pass.

(You can ignore the rest of the Governor’s spiel about state workers’ unions contributing towards reducing the deficit: they’ve already pronounced any such idea as dead on arrival.)

Add on Lamont’s fellow-Democrats’ plans to raise the income tax on “the tippy-top” of earners — that would be Greenwich residents— and a new 1% property tax, and we’re in for a rough ride (and don’t forget tolls and higher gasoline taxes.)

Spending cuts? hahahaha