A tiny price adjustment on Long Meadow Road

long meadow.jpg

75 Long Meadow Road, Riverside (NoPo), from $1.229 million to $1.185. I’m posting about it here because presumably not all readers are in the market for multi-million-dollar homes, and this house is probably worth looking at for those searching the lower end of our inventory. Long Meadow is a good, low-traffic road, especially here, at its terminus. The yard’s a bit dodgy, given its a perch on a hill, and certainly there are no Architectural Digest articles to be expected here, but the house is clean, updated, and in the North Mianus/Eastern school district, which is a plus. Last sale was for $1 million, in 2005, so no crazy inflation here; and Long Meadow never collapsed the way more expensive homes did after the 2008 crash.

And as a member of this neighborhood, use of the small community association beach at the other end of the Long Meadow comes with it. Right on the Mianus Pond, the beach offers swimming off a small sandy beach, and racks to hold kayaks and canoes. One of the major benefits here, to my mind, and one that sets this neighborhood apart from similarly-priced ones.

Were I currently working with clients in this million-dollar range (and I’m always happy to, I just don’t have any at this instant) I would certainly suggest that they visit.

Nice views from the deck

Nice views from the deck