Into the abyss? One can only hope

democratic socialist candidate, 2019

democratic socialist candidate, 2019

Democrat socialists destroying their party’s success in coming election

JOSH KRAUSHAAR: Democrats Are Boosting Trump’s Re-election Prospects.

When you look at the polls breaking down the actual Democratic electorate, you’ll find limited support for such socialist-minded schemes. Broaden out to the overall electorate, and it’s easy to see how Democrats could be giving President Trump a lifeline to a second term despite his widespread unpopularity.

“We are on an out-of-control roller coaster going 100 miles-per-hour, and we have no functioning brake,” said one liberal Democratic strategist who is alarmed by the rising tide of socialism within the party. “No one is leading and that void could not be more clear.”

What’s so remarkable about this rapid leftward shift is that it’s working against the party’s best interests—both for the individual candidates and their chances of defeating Trump next year.

Steven Green, whose post this is that I’m linking to, sums it up pefectly:

All the Democrats had to do was not act crazy, but instead they’ve become the party of Florida Man on Bath Salts Running Naked Down the Interstate Chewing Off His Own Face.

Mind you, just because some of us think that Americans aren’t stupid enough to believe that we can, or should, ban airplanes and beef cattle and internal combustion cars, rebuild every building in the country and provide a living for those “unwilling to work”, all in ten years, doesn’t mean that the majority of voters will agree with us. As Glenn Reynolds likes to warn, “don’t get cocky, kid”.