What's the matter with Dublin Hill Drive?

25 dublin hill.jpg

My post earlier this morning on 23 Dublin Hill Drive’s failure to sell prompted a reader to point out that its neighbor, 25 Dublin Hill, has also encountered rough waters, and indeed it has. Sold brand new by its builder, BSF, for $6.725 in 2004, it’s sat on the market since it landed with a thud last March at $5.995. It’s taken a number of price cuts since then and last week switched agents and came back on at $4.250.

BSF builds a top-quality house, and Dublin Hill Drive is a really convenient location, mid-Stanwich, so I don’t know why this home hasn’t found a buyer. Following up on my previous post regarding our Grand List, the town’s been valuing this at $5.4, so here’s another shaving off our tax base.