No more black humor

That’s “African-American” humor to you, whitey.

That’s “African-American” humor to you, whitey.

21-year-old Tweety moron shames into ascribing only happy words to its definition of black.

Online word site has revealed its plans to update their definition of 'black' after being branded racist. 

Nyshayla Barnes, 21, an artist from New Jersey, took to Twitter to voice her discomfort at the words associated with the term.

Posting a screengrab of the synonyms alongside 'black', she revealed how words including 'dark, dingy, depressing, devilish and sinful' were listed.

Slamming the definitions, Nyshayla wrote: 'There are offensive words in the dictionary associated with the definition of 'Black'. It is vital that we have more positive meanings for this word because how we define words shapes our perception of them'

And further explaining her point, she added: 'We are not taking offense to the word 'Black'. That is our identity. We have a problem with the other words that are associated with Black that don't need to be associated with it at all'.

Nyshayla’s fellow denizens in the low-IQ pool were hardly niggardly in their approbation:

Many praised her for speaking out, with one writing: 'Well done for speaking up and seeking a positive change!'.

Another added: 'You've done a great thing. Good job!'.