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205 round hill rd.jpg

205 Round Hill Road is new to the market today, priced at $15.950 million. Parts of it were built in 1820, and all of it’s been decorated to reflect that era; that’s not a popular look, these days.

There haven’t been many sales in the $15 million, non-waterfront market in the past years, but 547 Lake Avenue did sell for $14.9 in August, 2015. The buyer for 547 Lake is very much not the buyer for 205 Round Hill.

Taxes on 205 are “only” $49,000, because the town assesses it at $6,189,200. Someone, either this owner or the tax department, is confused.

Here are some interior shots of 547 Lake Avenue, by the way. They remind me of Phil Sheridan’s comment about Texas: “If I owned Texas and Hell, I’d rent out Texas and live in Hell”. The general said that before the introduction of air conditioning, so perhaps his opinion of 547 might be more positive were he to see that the place has central air.

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