"Isn't it cute, dear? The peasants are recyling!"


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow socialists’ wet dream: Venezuelans are repairing lightbulbs.

Venezuelans turn to reusing, repairing old items to survive economic crisis

Each day, González sits at a market kiosk in Caracas and repairs broken light bulbs for people who can’t afford new ones in the crisis-torn nation.

“I feel that with this I help the community, because these light bulbs are super expensive nowadays. I help myself as well,” said González, who learned how to disassemble and rewire a bulb while spending several years in prison for theft.

According to her calculations, a new compact fluorescent bulb can cost the equivalent of several dollars in Venezuela’s nearly worthless currency — or about a month’s wages. Even so, the quality is so poor they could last as little as a week.

It’s an Associated Press report, so of course there’s no mention of what on earth could have happened to this once-prosperous country to reduce it to such ruin. But the AP did manage to find one person who saw a silver lining in the dark cloud of disaster:

For Elizabeth Cordido, a social psychologist at Metropolitan University in Caracas, attempts by Venezuelans to survive by recycling items that would otherwise be thrown out is, in one sense, positive.

But she said “it is very negative that it’s through poverty and the increase of poverty that we have arrived at this.”

Well yes, that’s a negative.