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Should this recycling poster be toned down?

Should this recycling poster be toned down?

Cafeteria worker investigated for “micro-aggression”. Crime? Greeting a student in Japanese.

U. of Minnesota student complained of ‘microaggressions’ and ‘implicit bias’

During the fall 2018 semester at the University of Minnesota, an Asian-American student stopped by one of the restaurants in the Coffman Memorial Union to pick up a snack.

At the register, a food service worker said something the student didn’t understand. When the student said they didn’t get it, the woman at the register said she was saying “hello” in Japanese, and asked where the student was from.

“Wisconsin,” the student replied.

The cashier laughed and told the student to have a nice day, but the student did not find much humor in the experience. The student reported the cashier to the campus Bias Response and Referral Network, claiming “these type of microaggressions occur too often on campus” and “this implicit bias needs to be addressed.”

The bias team then referred the incident to dining services and referred the complaining student to the campus “Ethical Advocate Program” in case they “want to talk further about the experience.”

Just a few years ago a story like this would have had me rubbing my hands in gleeful anticipation of what awaited this student when she encountered “the real world”. Today, I’d be disappointed; it’s become apparent that today’s college graduates are moving into a corporate world already occupied by two generations of higher education products, and they will be received with open arms by their elders, who are ready and willing to be further educated by this new swarm of woke children.