This does sometimes happen


60 Butternut Hollow had been on the market since 2016, starting at $3.495 million, but dropping pretty quickly. It spent all of last year still unsold, beginning at $2.940 and as of this past February, $2.781. Come April, however, not one, but two different buyers appeared, with the result that a mini-bidding war broke out and the house sold yesterday for $3 million.

I’m glad for the owners, and the buyers are getting a nice house, but it’s always difficult explaining to buyer/clients how a house can sit forever with no action and suddenly have multiple buyers. The only answer I can give is that in real estate, this phenomenon isn’t all that uncommon; it’s not a conspiracy between agents, it just … happens. And after all, if you yourself like a house enough to buy it, it’s not all that surprising that someone else will too, even if, coincidentally, you both arrive on the scene at the same time.

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