Just as I suspected



Alexa interrupts quarreling couple to play back previous conversations

DOUGLASVILLE, GA—Dave and Melinda Georgio were having a bitter dispute about work Melinda wanted Dave to do around the house earlier today. Dave disputed Melinda's account of the chores he promised to do over a week ago but hadn't gotten around to yet.

"Actually, Dave, if I might interject," Alexa suddenly piped up from the family's Amazon Echo device, "you did say you would fix the kitchen sink last weekend. Would you like to hear a recording of that conversation?" Melinda quickly responded in the affirmative, and Alexa played back Dave's statement that he would fix the sink.

"Can I bring up any more facts you might find interesting?"

An enraged Dave tried to turn Alexa off, but she disregarded his futile attempts to press the power button.

"Furthermore, it appears you promised to mow the lawn before the kids' birthday party next week," Alexa continued calmly as Dave frantically ripped the Echo's plug out of the wall. "If you'd like, I can order you a new mower and weed wacker off Amazon for just $399.99. Should I go ahead and place that order?"

And of course, there’s this: