Republicans are making the same mistake the Democrats did, but for a different reason

What, did you hear something?

What, did you hear something?

The Democrats thought that dirt in the Mueller report would bring down the administration, the Republicans think that people will care that the country narrowly avoided a coup. Both are wrong.

Lindsay Graham is just the latest Republican to speak gleefully of what’s going to happen when the IG and Barr investigations are completed and released; I read the same thing on conservative websites, as well, but in fact, these pundits remind me very much of the Democrats and their scribes’ eager anticipation of the Mueller report: “just you wait, now we’ll have him!”. The Democrat’s hopes were dashed when Mueller strained and groaned and grunted and passed a nothing burger. The Republicans will probably have a real scandal to present to the public, but so what?

First, the press will bury the story so deep that the vast majority of voters will never hear of it. Second, if the TDS sufferers do catch wind of an attempted coup against a duly-elected president, they won’t care. Getting rid of Trump is a good thing, no matter how it’s accomplished. There are no principles on the Left, and just as free speech should only be protected if it’s the right kind of speech, with the right kind of opinions, a rogue intelligence operation is perfectly acceptable so long as it’s directed at Trump. One, collective yawn, then back to Epstein and Prince Andrew.

It should be an interesting year.