Smaller homes and their smaller prices still doing well in Riverside

6 buxton.jpg

6 Buxton Lane hit the market July 9 at $1.595 million, which is exactly what the owners paid for it in July, 2015. Back then, it took just 11 days to find a full-price buyer, while this time it spent 45 days. That’s still strong.

Given transaction costs, I’m sure the owners would have liked to price it a bit higher, but if you take rental value into consideration, they’re doing well; listing agent JoAnn McCarthy did her job, ably and well.

Buxton’s a good street, close to the train and both schools, and this was a very nice renovation, completed in 2010 and well maintained since. I’m not at all surprised that it’s gone so soon.

Update: I found a picture of what it looked like back in May, 2005, when it was listed at $999, and went via bidding war for $1.127. I’d say the “winners” became that rare thing in these situations, actual winners. They did a nice job renovating it, stayed to enjoy it for ten years, and got back what they put into it. Good for them.

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