"Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully" Samuel Johnson

2 Calhoun Drive

2 Calhoun Drive

Contingent contract at 2 Calhoun Drive, asking $1.5 million. Started at $2.5 in February, price cut to $1.5 after motion for strict foreclosure filed April 17th. Mortgage debt appears to exceed $2.5, so this won't end well. 

UPDATE: Reader Flash provides this link to the backstory here. The owner claims the house is worth, according to him, $5 million, which shows him to be utterly delusional or a crook - your choice.

UPDATE II: Googling Mr. Levey, a graduate of both Yale and Harvard, by the way (he either cheated on his exams or provides yet another example of the decline of those once-proud institutions, you decide), shows that he's been accused of stealing $8 million from his own kids' nursery school, cheating on his wife (for 12 years), and, cheating his creditors and even, along with his son, barred from FINRA, nee NASDAQ. 


(Screen shot here, so links aren't active, but if you're curious, Google him)

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