Harbinger, or just a peculiarity of the site and the house?

74 Tomac Avenue in Old Greenwich took a $145,000 price cut today, to $2.150 million. The sellers paid $2.350 for it in 2008, to people who'd paid $1.6 when it was new in 2002. Is it headed back to that original price after 15 years?

The lot's narrow: for instance, the detached garage had to be placed in front of the house itself; but it backs up to the Innis Arden golf course, and all in all, feels perfectly adequate. A small house, though (I'm guessing 2,500 sq. ft. considering that the listing's claim to 3,500 includes the basement), and that may be the problem: the original price of $2.495 works out to $1,000 per square foot, which seems rich. Maybe that 2002 price of $640 is closer to the mark.

Still, $2.1 (ish) doesn't seem outlandish for a decent relatively new house in Old Greenwich, and price per foot has never been a particularly accurate way to estimate Greenwich homes' value. I'm curious to see where this closes.