Red Coat Lane contract

18 red coat.jpg

18 Red Coat, dropped to $1.995 million from an opening price of $2.695 back in May '17.  I always caution clients not to calculate value from original asking prices but in this case, when I scouted it with the Mickster a couple of weeks ago and wandered from room to room, I kept asking him, "why hasn't this sold?"  At just under $2, this was a bargain.

Our own clients felt it was too large a house for them (5,300 sq. ft.), which is of course an entirely understandable and legitimate reason to reject a house, and I do wish the sellers hadn't added on a two-bedroom wing – I assume it was to accommodate a parent — but you can't match this house at this price in mid country. 

The kitchen has dark cabinets, but so what? Change the doors — the cases are top quality, as are the appliances: Viking, Bosch, etc., and the layout is perfect, including a stone patio, with natural gas grill, just outside. There's a  walk-out basement that's got great light, and upstairs, the rooms are well sized and well placed.

It certainly isn't the perfect house, but in this price range, it's a damn good deal, and congratulations to the buyers and their agent for grabbing it. 

Readers, snark away, but this house offered exceptional value in this price range. It won't go down in the annals of great architecture, but given what's available in Greenwich in the $1.5 — $2.0 range, this was a good buy.