And a waterfront sale in Old Greenwich

12 Indian Drive.jpg

12 Indian Drive, $11 million. Sold for $14.1 in 2012, and listed this time, in 2016 at $15.995, but what’s a $3 million loss when you’ve enjoyed six years of waterfront living?

I’m only being half-facetious. My daughter Sarah’s best friend grew up in the equally-beautiful, though older home next door, and Sarah herself might almost have been part of the family, considering how much time she spent there. That friend’s father once told me that, when his family lived around the corner on Ledge Road in the ‘90s, a wave came up from the sea and surged through number 8 Indian Drive, forcing the owner to move out for six months. He didn’t care, and snapped it up when it was placed on sale: “price you pay for living on the water”, he said. That family has been very happy there, and I have always envied their fantastic views and deep-water dock, but I’ve never had the wherewithal to risk the expense of living in the Hyatt for half a year while my residence was restored.

But I would if I could.