And another price cut on Witherell


19 Witherell Drive, down from its 2017 price of $5.795 million to, today, $4.950. Back last March I wrote about this house, praising it, but pointing out that, just as the previous owners had initially priced it at $8.695 before settling for $5 from these folks, owners of this cottage seem to let their enthusiasm for the place displace a realistic view of its market value. I suggested then that a price below $5 million might be more appropriate, and it seems that the market agrees.

I say “cottage”, by the way, because, while the current listing describes it as encompassing 6,500 square feet “per tax card”, the only tax card I have access to shows 3,835 sq. ft (which is what previous listings show also). Perhaps there was an addition put on during current ownership that isn’t mentioned, or maybe the listing broker has a set of double-secret probationary tax cards that show different figures. Either way, you might want to confirm the more optimistic number.