Bailiwick is still a tough sell

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12 Bailiwick Road, off Riversville, has dropped to $1.993 million. Owners paid $2.025 for it back in 2003, tried reselling it for $3.297 (I guess they like odd numbers) in 2009, and then pulled it off the market in 2010, after it had dropped to $2.750. They did some further renovations, and put it back up for sale in 2016 for $3 million; today’s price cut reflects the sad results of sales efforts so far.

The Bailiwick neighborhood is well liked by those who live there, but potential buyers seem to focus less on the small community swim/tennis club and more on the proximity of Merritt Parkway, and the far-western location, and balk.

The actual property of 12 Bailiwick is exceptional, but the house itself is rather unappealing, if market response so far is any judge.

I think putting more money into a house that won’t sell, as happened in this cace, is unwise: cut the price and move on, rather than put good money after bad.

Not a kitchen to die (or pay) for

Not a kitchen to die (or pay) for